Terms of Use

The Don't fly Money system, below referred as System, and the person who is registered at the system, below referred as User, agree with the described terms.
  1. The System has no links with any financial institutions.
    1. System data is only inserted by the User;
    2. Moves made at the System do not change bank account data or any other external resource;
    3. Moves at external resource do not change System data, these being only editable by the User by the System;
  2. System data and decisions made based on this data are sole responsibility of the User.
  3. Communication vehicles from System to User are:
    1. E-mail informed by User on the registration at the System, which is only contacted by the addresses no-reply@dontflymoney.com - just for automatized alerts - and dfm@dontflymoney.com - for support;
    2. Web system, registered at site dontflymoney.com;
    3. Android app Don't fly Money, installed by Play Store.
  4. The System source code - instructions to computer which rule the System - is hosted at a web address.
    1. The address is public: GitHub
    2. The source code is OPEN and ANY person using uncensored internet access can see it and suggest changes, using a github login.
  5. Cookies are used to control logon and security of forms of this site.
  6. The User agrees to keep the registered e-mail updated.
  7. Any law violations done through the System are sole responsibility of the User.
  8. Privacy: data inputed on the System by User is used on personal reports, that can be seen on the Site or the Mobile App, just by the User.
    1. The access to this reports is controlled by login and password, which User is responsible to keep in secret;
    2. The other way that this data can be accessed is by the force of law.
  9. These terms can be changed any time in the future.
    1. If the terms change, the user need to accept the new terms to keep using the system;
    2. Passed 90 days, if the new terms are not accepted, User data can be permanently removed from the System.